Bernadette Dickinson

Package of TWO 1 Hour Coaching sessions

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Take your transformation to the next level with 1:1 Coaching. This package includes 2 Hours of Coaching, Private EFT session and/or Coaching on your personal issues.

You can break this up into TWO 1 Hour Sessions or FOUR 30 minute sessions (THIS IS ONLY FOR CHARMED LIFE STUDENTS.)

Package of FOUR 1 Hour Coaching Sessions

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Purchase a package of FOUR 1 hour sessions and save.

This coaching package includes 4 hours of 1:1 coaching with Bernadette. It can be used for EIGHT-30 minute sessions or FOUR-1 hour sessions.

Package of EIGHT 1 Hour Coaching Sessions

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This is the most economical and complete package of Coaching/Healing sessions. Save big when purchasing EIGHT 1 Hour coaching sessions.

If you prefer to have shorter sessions, you can break this into SIXTEEN - 30 Minute Sessions. If you are working through a major issue or project, having the help and accountability goes a long way to keeping you on track.